The reports and resources below are the most commonly requested Enterprise Florida documents. Additional reports and resources will be added on a regular basis.

Enterprise Florida Overview (pdf)

An overview of Enterprise Florida, its formation, Board of Directors as well as competitive project and international trade successes. Below are additional one page fact sheets about EFI’s funding, processes, accomplishments and initiatives.

 Enterprise Florida Annual Reports (pdf)

Enterprise Florida Fact Sheets (pdf)

Florida Target Industry Competitiveness Study (pdf)

In September 2012, Enterprise Florida (EFI) released the Statewide Economic Development Competitiveness Study. EFI requested this study and it was a proactive step toward getting a clear and objective look at where Florida is in its economic development efforts. The study reviewed Florida’s current policies, practices, and resources over several years; talked to corporate decision makers and site consultants; and conducted benchmarking analyses with regional and local economic developers. The study offers suggestions on how to better advance local, regional and statewide economic development efforts while also making recommendations to help align our policies with our goals.

Annual Incentives Reports (pdf)

The annual incentives report has been produced by Enterprise Florida, in cooperation with the Department of Economic Opportunity as required under §288.095, F.S. The report addresses the economic development incentives paid from the State’s Economic Development Trust Fund (Qualified Target Industry Tax Refund, Qualified Defense and Space Contractor Tax Refund, and the Brownfield Redevelopment Bonus Refund) and summarizes the performance of other incentives considered to be key components of Florida’s economic development toolkit. The data presented in this report should be evaluated in context with the program goals of the applicable incentives, the highly competitive nature of economic development, as well as the current economic climate.

Florida Business Incentive Outcomes Report conducted by Ernst & Young (pdf)

Enterprise Florida, Inc. (EFI) promotes state incentive and economic development programs throughout the State of Florida and serves as the primary contact for businesses looking to relocate, expand, or retain current operations in the state. This report summarizes Ernst & Young ’s analysis of the outcomes of projects assisted by EFI, based on data and project information verified by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity’s Division of Strategic Business Development (DEO), and provided to Ernst & Young by EFI for the period from July 1, 1995 to December 31, 2012.

Florida Rural Economic Development Study

Enterprise Florida, Inc. (EFI) engaged Boyette Strategic Advisors (BSA) to develop an Economic Development Strategic Plan for Rural Florida. Rural Florida is at a crossroads in terms of its future development, and there is an opportunity for Rural Florida to position itself and control its economic destiny to a much greater degree than it has.

President’s Indicators At-a-Glance

The business of economic development is often one that is measured in numbers and data. The President’s Indicators At-a-Glance is a quarterly report that provides an overview of the key indicators in the three areas of economic growth: competitive, facilitated and organic. The information also includes updates from Enterprise Florida’s partners in the sports division, Space Florida and Visit Florida as well as fun facts.

Florida Rankings Accolades

The Florida Accolades page captures the top reasons why a business should locate or expand in the state.

Florida Industry Cluster Briefs:

EFI focuses its economic development efforts on a wide range of industry sectors, as outlined in Florida Statutes, including aviation/aerospace, life sciences, information technology, homeland security/defense, clean energy, financial/professional services, manufacturing and beyond. The information contained in the industry cluster briefs provides a snapshot on Florida’s business advantages in these industries.