In Florida, our huge market means huge opportunities for your business.

Our 19.5 million residents and 95 million annual visitors drive the 4th largest economy in the country and the 21st largest economy in the world. It all adds up to big numbers for your business.

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Florida takes the work out of building a great workforce.

Our vast, multicultural population includes 5 million foreign language speakers and over 9 million of the nation’s best-trained, well-educated workers. Allowing you to find the diversity of skills and expertise you need to become even more competitive.

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In Florida, worldwide opportunity awaits.

Our #2 infrastructure brings you closer to the world than ever before. Allowing you to get your people, products and ideas anywhere in the world – fast.

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Open up opportunity through the gateway to the world.

Perfectly positioned for worldwide success, which is why 1 in every 5 U.S. exporters is based in Florida.

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Bill Johnson

Secretary of Commerce

President & CEO, Enterprise Florida, Inc.

Enterprise Florida Inc.

EFI is a public-private partnership with a mission of creating jobs and growing a vibrant, ever-expanding economy in the state of Florida. Collaborating with local economic development organizations across the state, we’re working to ensure Florida’s competitiveness on a global level and assist companies expanding or relocating to the state.