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From our talented workforce to our strategic geographic location, Florida offers the ideal conditions for your business to thrive. Cultivate new opportunities and expand your reach in a cost-competitive environment that celebrates your success.

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0% Personal Income Tax

Business Climate

9.6 Million Workers


#2 In the Nation


$158+ BILAnnual Trade

Business Climate

Florida has the breathing room you need to grow.

Enjoy freedom from high taxes and prohibitive regulations in one of the largest markets in the country. More

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a family business, you’ll reap the benefits of our pro-business policies that emphasize staying competitive and facilitate future growth. Thanks to a 5.5 percent corporate income tax, numerous industry-specific tax exemptions and no personal income tax, your business dollar goes farther in Florida. Additionally, Florida’s land, labor and capital are significantly more affordable, making Florida a smart alternative to other competitive states. Less

Achieve your growth and expansion goals with ease.

1 st Tax climate in the southeast
2 nd Best state for business
4 th Largest economy in the U.S.

Comparative Cost of Doing Business

Personal Income Tax

Retain happy and skilled employees with Florida’s 0% personal income tax, which is guaranteed by constitutional provision.

Corporate Income Tax

At 5.5 percent, Florida’s corporate business tax is one of the lowest in the nation, allowing you to invest more money into your business.

State Business Tax Climate Ranking

Keep costs competitive in Florida’s pro-business tax climate, which consistently ranks in the Top 5 Business Tax Climates in the U.S. by the Tax Foundation.

Manufacturing Average Annual Wage

Manufacturers save on labor thanks to a low annual wage compared to other markets.

Headquarters Average Annual Wage

Thanks to a relatively low average annual wage, nearly 3,000 headquarter offices call Florida home.

Our recent expansion will allow us to do even greater things for our community and the business. Florida has provided us with access to great talent, infrastructure and a pro-business climate that has helped us grow.

Tim Ryan

Plant Manager for the VISTAKON Division of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc


At 9.6 million strong, Florida’s workforce has the diversity and talent to fulfill your business’s needs.

Consistently ranked among the best in the nation, Florida’s workers excel in a variety of industries ranging from aviation and aerospace to logistics and distribution. More

Another plus? More than 5 million Floridians can speak a foreign language. With Florida's breadth of skill and experience to fill any position from entry level to executive, you’ll have no trouble finding the talent to power your business. Less

Find the talent to power your business.

3 rd Ranked workforce in the U.S.
3 rd Largest workforce
5 th For high-tech employment

A skilled, educated workforce

12 State Universities

No Floridian lives more than 50 miles from a post-secondary educational institution, many of which are nationally ranked colleges and universities, providing businesses with a constant flow of skilled employees.


Allow your business to connect to the world like never before.

Florida’s agile transportation network sets the standard for efficiency. With one of the most extensive multi-modal infrastructures in the world, Florida can move your people, products and ideas anywhere fast.

Map Key

  • Spaceports (2)
  • Deepwater Seaports (15)
  • Inland Ports
  • Commercial Airports (19)
  • Interstate Highways
  • Railways
  • State Capital
  • Florida's Largest Cities (by population)

Reach global markets with ease.

1in 5 U.S. Exporters calls Florida Home


Our geographic advantage is just the beginning.

Combined with our comprehensive infrastructure and multilingual workforce, Florida is the most strategic location for your global business. More

The numbers speak for themselves. More than $158 billion in merchandise traveled through Florida’s airports and seaports in 2013, cementing the state’s position as one of the world’s leaders in international trade. Home to the second-largest foreign trade zone network in the country, it’s no surprise that 20 percent of all U.S. exporters choose Florida to be the nerve center of their global operations. Less

Exporting companies in US

20% Located
in Florida

60k exporting companies in florida

More than $158 billion of merchandise trade value flows through Florida’s airports and seaports each year, solidifying Florida's status as one of the world’s leaders in international trade.

#1 State for Latin American Trade

Florida accounts for more than 28.4 percent of total U.S. trade with Latin America and the Caribbean, making the state an undisputed hub for any company with business interests in the region.

300 International

Thanks to the state’s cost-competitive business climate and easy access to global markets, Florida is home to the regional and hemispheric headquarters for more than 300 international companies.

Industry Excellence

Few states can match the scale and scope of Florida's industry assets. The state has supported the growth of a robust economy, with particular strength in the following key areas:

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