About EFI

Partner relationships are essential for the success of Florida’s economic development efforts.

One of the unique aspects about Enterprise Florida, Inc. (EFI) is the strong partnership linkages it has forged, not only between business and government, but between the state and the local level as well. These partner relationships are important because they provide the basis for achieving better coordination and outcomes for the state’s economic development efforts. The primary mechanism through which the partners contribute input to EFI is the Stakeholders Council.

The Stakeholders Council is a broad-based group including economic development organizations, workforce development organizations, business development organizations, regional planning councils, community colleges, universities, military complexes, state agencies and key business sectors. The Council provides strategic information to the Enterprise Florida Board on key issues that affect job facilitation, business climate, and economic development policies and procedures around the state. The Stakeholders Council addresses issues through subject matter-based task force groups, e.g. competitiveness, marketing, innovation & entrepreneurship, supply chain, logistics and manufacturing.