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Collaboration and Diversification are at the Heart of What We Do

Enterprise Florida, Inc. (EFI) is expanding Florida’s economy through a broad spectrum of economic development efforts and partner relationships.

EFI’s departments encompass a broad spectrum of economic development efforts, ranging from assisting businesses with location and expansion decisions, to facilitating international trade and exports, to supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs.

In order to maximize these efforts, EFI has forged strong partnership linkages not only between business and government, but between leaders at the state and local level as well. These stakeholder relationships provide the basis for achieving better coordination and outcomes for Florida’s overall economic development. By collaborating with 67 statewide economic development offices, community leaders, utility partners and other local affiliates, EFI serves as the go-to resource for companies looking to grow their business in Florida.


#2 Best State for Business 2021 Chief Executive
#4 Best State Business Tax Climate 2023 Tax Foundation

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