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The Legislature determines it is in the public interest and reflects the state’s public policy that Enterprise Florida, Inc., operates in the most open and accessible manner consistent with its public purposes.

To this end, the Legislature specifically declares that Enterprise Florida, Inc., and its divisions, boards, and advisory councils, or similar entities created or managed by Enterprise Florida, Inc., are subject to the provisions of chapter 119 relating to public records and those provisions of chapter 286 relating to public meetings and records.” §288.901(1)(b), Florida Statutes.

Enterprise Florida was created with the clearly stated intention to be as open and transparent in its operations as possible, particularly with regards to the use of state funding. This page serves as Enterprise Florida’s central transparency portal, where information related to it programs and spending will be available for public examination. This site will be updated frequently, with new information added as it becomes available. For any documents not made available here, please contact EFI via the public records request information below. EFI will address all records requests in full compliance with Florida public records.

  • EFI Contracts– Current open contracts for services using state-appropriated money.

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