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Directory of Foreign Affiliates

Companies from around the world are investing and doing business in Florida every day.

Directory of Foreign-Affiliated Companies

Search our directory of foreign-headquartered companies with operations in Florida.

Representing the vast global interest in doing business in and from Florida, foreign-affiliated companies from more than 80 countries have established 4,000+ locations in the state. They are invested in sectors ranging from aviation/aerospace to energy, financial services, transportation & logistics and more. Search the Directory to see who is doing business in your county, sector, or from your home country.

PLEASE NOTE: This Directory is not meant to be all-encompassing. It is, rather, a useful snapshot of the types of companies that have found value in investing in Florida and are a source of jobs for many Floridians. We have chosen to exclude retail and similar “consumer-facing” entities as they are innumerable in a state with a large population such as Florida. Compiled from several internal and external sources, these firms have an ultimate parent outside of the United States with at least a single location in Florida. If you find any errors or exclusions, please use the Contact Us form, below.

DISCLAIMER: Copyright © 2021 Enterprise Florida, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The content of this database may not be redistributed, abridged, edited, or altered in any way without the express consent of Enterprise Florida. Integration of the information contained herein into other materials must be properly cited. Enterprise Florida makes no representation or warranties with regards to this database or any information herein, whether express or implied, and assumes no liability for how the information is used.

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