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As the world’s principal commercial gateway to Latin American & the Caribbean, Florida is a global trade hub. Goods valued at US$153.6 billion flowed through Florida’s airports and seaports in 2019. The state is also a major producer of high-value products for the aviation, telecommunications, and medical devices sectors, and is the 7th largest export state in the U.S. with Florida-origin exports of $56 billion.


Summary of Florida International Trade 2019
High-level summary of Florida’s merchandise trade and Florida-origin exports by country and commodity for 2019.

Florida International Business Highlights
In-depth report on Florida’s 2018 international business highlights, including employment impact; two-way merchandise trade; Florida-origin exports; top-50 rankings by country and commodity; manufactured and high-tech exports; services exports, and foreign direct investment.

Rankings of Florida’s Top 50 Trade Partners and Commodities
Rankings of Florida’s  top trade partners and commodities, along with the distribution of trade by world region.

Profiles of Florida’s Top 50 Trading Partners
Two-way trade profiles of Florida’s top 50 merchandise trading partners.

Profiles of the Top 50 Markets for Florida-Origin Exports
Trade profiles of Florida’s top 50 markets for Florida-origin exports.

Overview of Florida Exports by Metropolitan Area
Exports from Florida’s Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs).

Foreign Direct Investment in Florida
Analysis of foreign-owned companies in Florida by world region, country, and industry.

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