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Trade Grants

Florida offers a variety of trade grants to support your business in exporting for the first time or diversifying into new overseas markets.

Explore Trade Grants for Florida Exporters

Enterprise Florida, Inc. (EFI) offers a variety of trade grants through the Florida Export Diversification & Expansion program to help qualified companies start exporting for the first time or diversify into new overseas markets.

Participating in virtual and traditional business matchmaking and trade shows, developing a customized Export Marketing Plan, or localizing your website for an overseas audience will all strengthen and diversify your company’s sales. Enterprise Florida has trade grants to help your goals.

Grants Available

Grants for Virtual Options – No Travel Required

Grants for Traditional Travel Options

Grants for International Business Development


Below are the minimum qualifications for all trade grants. Please see the complete Terms & Conditions for each individual grant for additional qualifications.

  • Applicant must be located in Florida and registered as an active company with the Florida Division of Corporations at www.sunbiz.org.
  • Must be in business for a minimum of two (2) years.
  • Product(s) must be produced in the State of Florida. Services must be provided from a Florida location.
  • Must have a commercial operation that consists of either an office, office/warehouse, or manufacturing facility.
  • Product line or service must be considered viable in the target market as determined by the U.S. Commercial Service or Enterprise Florida. Services providers must be in one of these approved target sectors.
  • Must be a small business (employing 1 – 500 employees) or comply with the SBA Size Standards gov/size-standards as a small business.
  • A company can receive a maximum of three trade grants each year between July 1 and June 30 (EFI’s fiscal year) based on the end-date of the event, or the date of reimbursement for Export Marketing Plans and Website Localization Grants.

Note: A company can receive one Export Marketing Plan Grant per lifetime, and two Website Localization Grants per lifetime.

  • Other restrictions and exceptions may apply at the discretion of EFI.

Please contact your local EFI trade representative for more information about trade grants and how we can help you succeed overseas.

How to Apply for Grants

01 Review the Grants
02 Check Eligibility
03 Contact Your Local Trade Manager

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