Florida Defense Alliance


Maintain and enhance the position and reputation of Florida as the most military-friendly state in the nation.


Enterprise Florida, Incorporated created the Florida Defense Alliance (FDA) in 1998 in accordance with Florida Statute 288.980 as a non-profit partnership between the Governor, Florida state officials, the Florida Congressional Delegation, state legislators, base commanders and staff, community leaders, and business executives to increase military value, enhance base capabilities, and promote multi-service synergies for Florida’s military bases, while supporting and enhancing the quality of life of Florida military families.

Florida Defense Alliance Mission

  • Foster federal military presence in the State of Florida in support of national defense.
  • Preserve test, training, and staging areas suitable for maneuver by ground, naval or air forces to guarantee future availability of such areas to ensure the readiness of the Armed Forces conducting operations in Florida.
  • Expand defense-related industries.
  • Ensure that both active and retired Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, National Guard, reserves, and family members receive continual improvement to quality of life.
  • Support local efforts to enhance the value of military installations.


The Florida Defense Alliance is a consortium of representatives of defense-related organizations including federal, state, and local government as well as defense industry, economic development organization, and other interested parties who come together in order to protect, promote and enhance military value of Florida installations and missions. FDA will establish working groups, as required.

Board of Directors

Kellie Jo Kilberg, Chair

Tim Jones, Vice Chair

Rick Miller, Mission Sustainment Working Group Chair

Teri Wanamaker, Family Support Working Group Chair

Jonathan Borgert, Jennifer Codo-Salisbury, Paul Hirsch, Chris Middleton, Executive Board