Florida Defense Alliance

Pro Bono legal services provided under this program are free of charge to the service member. However, there are costs associated with a legal case that the service member may need to pay, including but not limited to, court filing fees, mailing/delivery costs, and copying costs. The service member’s assigned attorney can discuss with the service member any potential fees or costs in the legal case. GI LAW participating law firms may offer certain types of legal representation in limited geographical areas.

GI LAW legal services are intended to fill the gap for Florida service members between legal assistance available through their military service, and the civil legal needs with which military attorneys cannot assist service member, e.g., most landlord-tenant disputes. Service members’ civil legal needs often result from military personnel having disputes with residential landlords, consumer finance companies, or finance companies, or other legal needs.

Some of the legal services offered by GI LAW participating firms are:

  • Landlord/Tenant disputes,
  • Consumer finance disputes,
  • Wills and estates,
  • Home finance and ownership issues,
  • Contracts.