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Enterprise Florida, Inc. (EFI) provides information and assistance to Canadian companies interested in establishing operations in Florida or identifying strategic partners in Florida.

Providing Assistance to Canadian Companies

EFI has international offices in Toronto and Montreal to support Canadian companies in Florida.

In 2019, total merchandise trade between Florida and Canada totaled $1.5 billion, making it Florida’s 26th largest bilateral merchandise trading partner, and in the last five years, bilateral trade has grown by 11.8%, and by 53.5% in the past 10 years. As the second-largest foreign investor in Florida as ranked by employment, Canada accounts for 44,700 jobs statewide, with the largest investments in the following industries: manufacturing; construction; real estate; the information sector; finance and insurance; professional, scientific and technical services; and transportation and warehousing.


#2 Largest Export Partner of Florida ($3.8b) 2018 Global Edge
#4 State for Access to Capital in the U.S. 2019 CNBC
#12 State for Business Friendliness in the U.S. 2019 CNBC
Foreign Direct Investment
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Foreign Direct Investment

Canada is Florida’s second-largest foreign investor as ranked by employment, accounting for 44,700 jobs. Operating throughout the state and in virtually every sector of Florida’s economy, there are 518 Canadian companies with 2,285 branch locations in Florida, according to Dun & Bradstreet. Canadian majority-owned firms employ significant numbers of Floridians in the fields of transportation, construction, health care, financial services and retail trade.

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In 2019, total bilateral merchandise trade between Florida and Canada totaled over $1.5 billion, with exports totaling $656.8 million and imports hitting $870.3 million. Goods made in Canada are purchased both by Florida businesses and by the private households of Florida’s 18 million consumers. In addition to consumer goods, many Canadian products shipped to Florida are intermediate production inputs (such as components and accessories) for Florida’s leading industries, including aerospace, information technology and medical device manufacturers.

Top Canadian exports from Florida include various wood, forestry, and paper products, furniture, processed food, industrial machinery, motor vehicles, medical devices and pharmaceuticals, telecommunications equipment and petroleum derivatives. The top Canadian imports to Florida include IT products, aerospace products and parts, medical devices and equipment, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, electronic components, telecommunications equipment, fruits and vegetables (including orange juice), packaged foods, motor vehicle parts, ships and boats, metal products and nursery plants.

Community & Culture
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Community & Culture

Canada and Florida share long-standing ties in culture, language (Quebec has North America’s largest francophone community, Florida the second largest), tourism, sports and a variety of other areas. In an effort to further friendship and support the growth and prosperity of Canadian and Floridan communities, there are Sister City partnerships between Richmond Hill, Canada and Lakeland, Florida and Hamilton, Canada and Sarasota, Florida.

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