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Florida’s Major Industries

Florida’s robust economy, infrastructure and competitive tax climate make it an ideal location for your company.

Discover Florida’s Major Industries

Florida attracts companies across various key sectors and sizes with its robust economy, infrastructure and competitive tax climate.

Few states can match the scale and scope of Florida’s industry assets. Supported by the growth of a robust economy, thriving infrastructure and top-ranked labor force, there are nine key business industries in Florida. From growing fintech clusters and aviation MRO to semiconductor and medical device manufacturing, Florida-based establishments are among the most innovative in the world. And they chose Florida to call home, where today’s leaders are committed to keeping business taxes and regulatory requirements low to continue paving the way for your success.


#3 Largest Civilian Labor Force 2019 Statista
#4 Largest Economy 2019 Bureau of Economic Analysis
#2 Best State for Business 2020 Chief Executive

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