Industry Overview


Floridians understand the undeniable link between sustainability and the economy, and are building a robust cleantech industry, with particular strength in energy, efficiency, and environmental technologies. Florida is already home to industry innovators from Mitsubishi Power Systems Americas, to Siemens Energy, to Saft.



EnergyFlorida is home to industry-leading producers of power generation systems, a variety of solar technology companies, biofuel producers, and battery and fuel cell manufacturers. The depth and breadth of our industry base can help you find the talent and suppliers you need.



EfficiencyFlorida companies are working to improve the energy efficiency of all types of products – from buildings to lighting to electronics. Florida has particular strength in LEDs and OLEDs, advanced materials and energy modeling.


Water Air & Environment

Water Air & EnvironmentFlorida companies are at the forefront of the latest water testing, desalination and remediation technologies. The environmental monitoring, compliance and remediation sector is also strongly represented in Florida.