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Florida boasts one of the nation's largest markets for cleantech goods and services.

Energizing the Cleantech Industry

With particular strengths in energy, efficiency and environmental technologies, there are over 11,750 cleantech companies in Florida.

From solar energy to bioplastics to bioremediation, Florida powers all facets of the cleantech industry. Thanks in part to its strategic location, natural resources, transportation infrastructure and skilled labor force, the state has attracted industry leaders such as GE Energy, Saft, JinkoSolar, Mitsubishi Power Systems Americas and Siemens Energy, among others. Floridians understand the undeniable link between sustainability and the economy and are harnessing innovation and the state’s strong entrepreneurial spirit to build one of the nation’s leading clean technology hubs. And whether your focus is ocean energy or green architecture, you’ll find an established industry presence across the cleantech spectrum in Florida.


Florida boasts one of the nation's largest markets for cleantech goods and services. Learn more below.


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Natural Resources
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Natural Resources

Florida is a natural fit for solar companies, but it has more to offer than just its famous sunshine. The state’s mild climate, fertile land, 1,350 miles of coastline and proximity to the Gulf Stream mean plentiful resources for the testing, manufacturing and deployment of a wide range of ocean energy R&D, biomass testing and production and ocean energy technologies.

Cleantech Expertise
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Cleantech Expertise

Florida offers a rich network of over 550 companies specializing in renewable energy like wind, solar technologies and electronics, hydrogen technologies and batteries, including Siemens Energy, Ocean Renewable Power Company, GE Energy and Saft. In addition, over 7,200 Florida companies excel in LEDs and OLEDs, green architecture, building controls and automation, energy modeling and advanced materials like nanomaterials, coatings, bioplastics and ceramics. An additional 4,000+ companies offer expertise in environmental areas like reverse osmosis and desalination technologies, water remediation, bioremediation and waste treatment technologies, including AquaFiber Technologies,  Argonide Corporation and Osprey Biotechnics.

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Running an efficient operation is at the core of cleantech businesses, and Florida’s infrastructure is here to help you achieve that. Florida has the connectivity and transportation networks to deliver your products and ideas to market with speed and efficiency (and for less money, too). And it’s also focused on generating renewable energy and building a resilient energy infrastructure. Florida’s utility leaders – including Florida Power & Light, Duke Energy and TECO – are all advancing solar initiatives to provide more clean energy across the state.

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