South Africa and Florida: A Strong and Growing Economic Partnership

Southern Africa and Florida share a remarkable number of similarities and solutions that make for unique business possibilities. Southern Africa and Florida are both cosmopolitan and multi-ethnic diverse societies with regional differences where differences have often been led to create innovation.

Florida and South Africa are both “gateway” economies. Florida serves as a gateway into the Caribbean Basin as well as in the USA, South Africa into the Southern Africa Development Community. Ease of key logistics nodes makes for more focused business entry into both markets. Southern African countries are closely tied to the Caribbean through cultural, sporting , political and business linkages that make Florida’s southern transport centers a natural passenger and distribution nexus. Southern Africa ports and airports serve as entry points into the vast emerging markets of Africa. Southern African produce and manufactured good enter into the North American market using many of the convenient port facilities located throughout Florida.

Commonalities in climate make for rich opportunities. Both regions vary from tropical to mild temperate, meaning tropical agriculture technologies have an interest. The reverse seasons mean that each market buys from the other when fresh produce is out of season.

Cultural diversity has spawned an innovative edge. High tech applications in digital information technologies have application on both sides. Create vitality in animation and gaming, digital simulation and information security has brought companies together to contribute to each other’s leisure and business solutions outcomes. Arts and entertainment are important aspects that can be shared across borders.

Maritime and aviation technologies are big markets in both locations. High tech machinery used for a variety of purposes, and specialized transport machinery are in high demand in Southern Africa, while the resource inputs required to make Florida competitive are imported from the SADC region.

These two markets are complementary, rather than competitive in nature, making for a strong working relationship as communities and economies develop. Sub-Saharan Africa is no longer a marginal economy, but one central to emerging market and global growth. Florida companies can creatively position themselves to be part of one of the world’s fastest growing and strategically important markets.