The United Kingdom and Florida: A Strong and Growing Economic Partnership

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It may surprise you to know that the UK is the biggest foreign investor in Florida and British companies have created more than 40,000 jobs in the state, while Floridian exports to the UK total $1.0 bn, primarily in transportation and ICT equipment.

Enterprise Florida is here to help UK companies setting up or expanding in Florida (opening an office, manufacturing facility, etc.) by providing information, finding suitable premises, recruitment, training, permitting and tailored incentives. We also support Florida companies looking to export to the UK by providing market research and identifying distributors. As a public-private organisation, our services are free of charge.

International Business Facts About Florida:

  • Gateway to Latin America: geographical proximity, flight connectivity and a large Spanish-speaking population make Florida the location of choice for firms wanting to access these markets. UK companies with their Latin American HQ in Florida include Diageo and BUPA.
  • Defence and aerospace: Florida ranks 2nd among all US states for aviation, aerospace, and space establishments. With 20 major military installations, it is home to one of the nation’s largest defence and homeland security industries. British firms in this sector include BAE, Cobham and Rolls Royce.
  • ICT: Florida has remained at the forefront of information technology innovation since the birth of the IBM PC in Boca Raton and many UK firms in this and related industries, such as digital marketing and online travel, such as Skyscanner, choose to set up in Florida.
  • Life Sciences: Florida ranks 2nd in the US for the number of FDA-registered medical device manufacturing facilities and is home to research universities, research hospitals, and institutes such as Scripps Florida, Sanford-Burnham, Max Planck. UK companies include Smith & Nephew and Synergy Health.
  • Photonics: among the largest clusters in the United States, with some 5,800 professionals focused on the design, development, manufacturing, testing, and integration of photonics and related systems. UK firms include Gooch & Housego and Halma.
  • Logistics: The state’s 15 deepwater seaports, 19 commercial airports, and 50+ officially-designated multimodal connectors ensure the seamless movement of people and goods.
  • Finance: Miami is one of the nation’s leading centers for international banking and re-insurance, with HSBC and many Lloyds of London syndicate companies with a presence here. Other areas in Florida also support large back office operations for financial services companies.
  • Telecommunications gateway to Latin America and the Caribbean: a multitude of undersea and terrestrial fiber optic cables converge in Florida, ensuring unparalleled global connectivity.
  • Trade: Florida is home to 60,000 exporting companies. One out of every five, or 20 percent, of the nation’s companies that export are located in Florida. (U.S. Census Bureau, Foreign Trade Division)

Consular Offices in Florida: The State of Florida has one of the largest Consular Corps in the United States, with offices from 80 countries. The British Consulate is based in Miami and UK Trade and Investment (which supports British companies to export) is co-located there.

Florida Bi-National Chambers of Commerce: Florida is the location of numerous Bi-National Chambers of Commerce representing Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Central America, the Caribbean, Latin America, South America and Africa. British American Business has chapters in Miami, Tampa and Orlando.