Florida is a major gateway for merchandise trade between North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, and other world regions.

Global Center for Trade

Over the last decade, the total value of Florida’s merchandise trade has nearly doubled, reaching $153.6 billion in 2019.  Florida companies act as key suppliers to buyers in dozens of countries worldwide, shipping goods made locally in Florida (“Florida-origin exports”), elsewhere in the United States, or in another country. Florida is also an excellent gateway for non-U.S. companies selling their goods to the vast United States market.

Exporting Power

Florida is an exporting powerhouse, accounting for $72.3 billion in goods that were shipped from and through its borders in 2019.  The state also ranked 7th in the U.S. in 2019 for exporting $56 billion worth of goods produced in the state or with significant value added.

Florida-based companies looking to expand internationally can take advantage of the comprehensive exporting assistance service provided by Enterprise Florida and its economic development partners.

Strong Services Exports

Florida has a natural advantage in exporting knowledge-intensive services, with its extensive global ties, linguistically diverse population, and a more service-intensive economy. Florida is also a major global exporter of high value-added services, including accounting, communications, consulting, engineering, financial, legal, medical, transportation, and many other services.

Robust Trade Infrastructure

Florida’s extensive international commerce infrastructure includes the ready availability of trade financing, international legal and insurance services, freight forwarding and logistics, distribution & warehousing, and related services. High value-added manufacturing for re-export is done inside Florida’s foreign trade zones. And, with numerous foreign and domestic banks, the international banking community in Florida provides tremendous value to companies doing international business, particularly with Latin America.