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December 7, 2018

Enterprise Florida announces new jobs in Florida during United Kingdom mission

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM (December 7, 2018) – Today, Enterprise Florida, Inc. (EFI) announced that two companies based in the United Kingdom will add jobs in Florida. The company announcements were made this week during a business development and trade mission to the United Kingdom and Ireland led by the Florida Chamber of Commerce.

Joe York, Vice Chairman of the Enterprise Florida Board of Directors said, “International business is vital to the state’s economy. Announcements like this let businesses around the world know they can find success in Florida. Congratulations to Cloudbanter and IBP Group on their growth and we welcome them to the Sunshine State.”

“Florida’s competitive business climate continues to attract companies like Cloudbanter and IBP Group through partnerships with industry, government and business associations,” said David Hart, Executive Vice President, Florida Chamber of Commerce. “We welcome these companies and their collaboration to ensure Florida remains a global hub for trade and investment.”

During the mission to the United Kingdom, Cloudbanter and IBP Group announced they will add 40 jobs:

  • Cloudbanter, a technology firm specialized in personalizing mobile messaging, will open a North American headquarters in Miami adding 30 jobs.
  • IBP Group, a UK producer of plumbing fittings for domestic, commercial and industrial application, will expand and create a North American distribution facility in St. Augustine, creating 10 jobs.

Andrew Mason, Group Finance Director at IBP Global said, “An East Coast location was chosen to ease communication and travel to Europe, and Florida is an attractive state to work in with good air travel connections to the rest of the USA.”

“Miami is home to a dynamic technology and mobile development community and ecosystem, fostered by the economic powerhouses of telecommunications and other successful industry sectors,” said Graham Williams, Chief Executive Officer of Cloudbanter. “Florida is consistently named one of the USA’s best sites to work and live, and Miami is an excellent gateway between the U.S. and Latin America. It allows easy access to both coasts with direct flights to most major international destinations, making it a standout place for business and to achieve company growth.”