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August 12, 2019

Hoover Treated Wood Products’ New Manufacturing Facility in Gadsden County Launches Second Shift of Operations

Havana, Fla. (August 8, 2019) – Hoover Treated Wood Products (Hoover), in business since 1955, began operations in Gadsden County near Havana, Florida in April 2019. Hoover owns and operates 10 facilities across the country and services a customer network of over 300 locations throughout the United States and Canada. Hoover’s $4.5 million investment includes newly constructed facilities on newly acquired property and has created 20 new jobs across two shifts of operation.

Barry Holden, President of Hoover, said “We are thrilled to be here in Gadsden County. We have developed many new partnerships with the state of Florida, Gadsden County, the town of Havana and local suppliers. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with our new community.”

Jamal Sowell, Florida Secretary of Commerce and Enterprise Florida president & CEO said, “Manufacturing is a Florida growth sector. Employers such as Hoover Treated Wood Products take their due diligence seriously and make significant investments in our communities. Enterprise Florida has the tools to support the retention and growth of this impactful sector.”

Florida Senator Bill Montford said, “North Florida was ravaged by Hurricane Michael last October. We are working hard to rebuild the 850 Region. Understanding the widespread economic impact of a manufacturing greenfield project, I am grateful to the state, Gadsden County, Havana and Hoover for their collaborative efforts to expand the wood products industry in Gadsden to serve the rebuilding of the region and markets across Florida.”

“This is the fifth project announcement the GCDC has supported since 2014 and the second Greenfield project since the City of Gretna broke ground on Creek Entertainment Gretna in 2011,” said Representative Ramon Alexander. “I am proud of Gadsden County, our six municipalities and their collaborative approach to economic development.”

Antonio Jefferson, Chairman of the Gadsden County Development Council, said, “Hoover is a great addition to Havana and Gadsden County. This company delivers an annual economic impact of $5.3 million in new revenue to Gadsden County and 37 new jobs, including 17 jobs created as a result of Hoover’s interaction with our local economy. The construction of this facility created 19 temporary jobs and $2.1 million in revenue.”

Gadsden County Chairperson, Dr. Anthony Viegbesie, said “Gadsden County is committed to economic development and bringing quality jobs to our community. Hoover Treated Wood Products is a testament to our hard work. I warmly welcome Hoover to our County.”

“Economic development and job creation are a priority for our town,” said Decorkus Allen, Mayor Pro Tem of Havana. “I am very excited to welcome such a top-quality company as Hoover to our community.”

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