Since taking office, Governor Scott has led 11 EFI international missions to share Florida’s business story with industry leaders around the world..  Governor led international missions are part of an aggressive global trade development and business recruitment strategy that involves leaders from business, government and economic development organizations from  throughout Florida.

The missions provide an excellent opportunity to promote Florida’s business advantages, assist Florida exporters in meeting clients for their products and services and identify and attract foreign direct investment. Governor led missions target markets where a significant opportunity exists to expand Florida’s business image and help small business grow through trade.  

The goal of these missions is two-fold:

  1. Missions introduce Florida’s businesses to global trade opportunities through access to prospective clients and markets that provide exporting potential. The missions aim to attract job-creating foreign direct investment (FDI) into the state.
  2. International missions have been very successful for Florida, providing a notable return on the state’s investment into business development activities and long-range, jobs-producing opportunities.

Since 2011, more than $550 million in total projected export sales have been reported by Florida companies participating in overseas trade shows and missions led by Governor Scott.