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Florida’s rural regions offer a world of opportunity for your business.

Opportunities in Rural Florida

Your best bet for a cost-effective location close to major cities and ports in Florida.

What could you do with Florida’s 28 million acres of available rural space? Anything you want. Rural economic development in Florida is taking off, thanks to forward-looking initiatives like the Rural Areas of Opportunity (RAO) program. Florida’s rural regions give companies a vast supply of affordable land to develop, while being just an hour’s drive from urban centers. With a robust pool of trainable talent, top-ranked infrastructure and an enviable quality of life, you’ll be able to build more than a business in rural Florida. You can build a future.





#2 Best State for Business 2019 Chief Executive
#2 Best Infrastructure 2019 USA Today
#3 Largest Workforce 2020 Bureau of Labor Statistics
#4 Best State Business Tax Climate 2021 Tax Foundation
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