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Blinc Cosmetics

A Beauty Breakthrough

The eyes are the window to the soul, and therefore must be protected, cherished and treasured. Throughout history and across cultures, a notable symbolism is associated with the human eye. Big, bright and brilliant eyes are synonymous with allure and attractiveness.

For Lewis Farsedakis, founder and CEO of Blinc, Inc., the eyes symbolize an entrepreneurial journey that led to brushing elbows with beauty industry kingpins such as Estee Lauder, Chanel and Dior.


Farsedakis embraces the value of healthy, beautiful and well-maintained eyes. A dynamic thinker and innovator by trade, he entered the cosmetic scene over a decade ago to reinvent the way consumers thought about mascara with a breakthrough brand, Blinc.

“It is more than just mascara,” Farsedakis said. “It is a cosmetic solution that works harder and smarter, just like our consumer who leads a busy life yet keeps it all together. Blinc’s original tube technology mascara coats and encases eyelashes as opposed to painting over them like conventional formulas.”

Blinc’s tube technology is truly innovative. Consumers no longer need to choose between unmatched hold and effortless removal; Blinc allows the best of both worlds. The tiny water- resistant “tubes” forming around the eyelashes turn to a solid state as the liquid formula makes contact with the air. This results in added lash volume and length for eyelashes, coupled with incredible hold lasting for days. The tubes cannot run, smudge, clump or flake, even if the user sleep cries or rubs her eyes. At the end of the day, the mascara tubes effortlessly slide off eyelashes into your hand with light pressure and water.


Today, Blinc’s cult-like following cannot fathom the idea of putting oil-based chemicals on their lashes and then rubbing their eyes – the most delicate part of the body – to remove. Yet, women apply these harsh chemicals to their delicate eyelashes daily with conventional mascaras – in hopes of fuller, brighter and longer eyelashes.

“The idea for Blinc’s tube-forming mascara innovation resulted when I realized that despite the many large multi-national cosmetics companies in existence, none had created a formula addressing the negative attributes of smearing, smudging, flaking, clumping and running,” Farsedakis said.

Drawing on relationships from his former career in investment banking and project infrastructure, Farsedakis refused to believe that humankind could put a man on the moon but could not create a mascara that maintained its integrity throughout a full day and be removed effortlessly. So, he did.


Blinc “zagged” when everyone “zigged,” a commonality among successful entrepreneurs and breakthrough brands.
At conception, Blinc mascara was a true innovation in the world of cosmetics that had value in the health aspect as well. Since the mascara does not require harsh makeup removers, it is healthier for the sensitive eye area. It does not leave tint or residue behind; therefore, it is healthier for eyelashes because it will not
clog pores. Additionally, it is safe for contact lens wearers, those who have
had laser surgery and those with sensitive eyes.

“Blinc was first sold exclusively in small salons instead of mass stores because it contradicted the common belief that eyelashes are painted on
in the morning and scrubbed off at night,” Farsedakis said. “For example, traditional mascara is made of pigments, oils, waxes and harsh preservatives that do not belong near the eye. After researching the matter with a team of chemists, I introduced ‘tube-forming’ mascara. This disproved the idea that makeup gets coated on with a paint-thinner-like substance.”


Blinc is the only luxury brand to exclusively focus on lids, lashes and brows. It offers viable and proven products for the active eye makeup lover seeking quality and longevity. By constantly innovating unique technologies such
as the world’s first tube-forming mascara, peel-able eyeliner and eyebrow mousse, Blinc is redefining how cosmetics should perform.

“Blinc appeals to consumers because from office to lunch, to the gym and extracurricular activities, it simply lasts until you are ready for effortless removal,” Farsedakis said.


Originally from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Farsedakis moved down with his family to Florida from Virginia for a change in the pace and routine of daily life. However, it served as the perfect springboard for the Blinc brand to grow because of the aesthetic, cosmetic performance and entertainment culture that saturates Central and South Florida.

Since its founding in 2009, Blinc has grown into an international company, selling products in about 30 countries. It has grown from exclusively being sold at small salons to being stocked at big chains like Sephora in the United States and Marionnaud in France. Headquarters are just a few zip codes away from other beauty moguls including Chanel, Shiseido, UHI and Benefit, who once served as role models, but now serve as competitors. Blinc’s technology surpasses much of what these other brands are producing, which is why the company has become a driving force in the beauty world.

Due to its focus on slow, steady growth, Blinc appeared on the GrowFL’s Florida Companies to Watch list in 2014 and on the Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies for nine years in a row. Its continued success proves its recognition is well-deserved.