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Celebrating an Entrepreneurial Adventure

How SCB Marketing Inspires, Motivates and Connects the Business Community

Many follow the straightforward track never venturing off the beaten path. Others forgo that steadfast, safe and sheltered trail risking it all for the pursuit of adventure, opportunity and autonomy. In today’s up-turned economy, Florida is reaping the benefits of job creation, talent pool, geographical position and sustainable growth. Entrepreneurs acknowledge the opportunities Florida offers can outweigh the personal and financial risks involved in launching a new endeavor. Eleven years ago, however, a different economic story was unfolding; yet, one entrepreneur realized the risks, forged a less traveled path and produced fortuitous opportunities. He has never looked back with regret.

Today, Jeff Piersall, CEO and Founder of SCB Marketing, celebrates the exhilarating, exciting and energizing adventure business should be and invites other leaders and businesses to join.

The Evolution of a Dream

It is evident Jeff is the ultimate storyteller. He commands a room, no matter its size, connecting with every person in some form. Whether Jeff is addressing a crowd as the keynote speaker, guiding a client or leading a team meeting, he is inspiring his audience, building trust and motivating actions.

Jeff believes every entrepreneur is different in personality, gender, culture, attitude and aptitude; but, all have four fundamentals driving each journey – an ah-ha moment, the courage to act, a spirit to persevere and the achievement of a dream. Jeff’s authenticity emotes as he shares the event which led to his entrepreneurial journey.

What started as a quiet night watching TV with his wife quickly became a father’s worst nightmare with an
emergency phone call. At 11:05 PM, his world turned upside down as the caller informed him that his eldest daughter, Kali, 17, had been seriously injured in a car accident. She had suffered a severe head trauma. The next 24 hours were a whirlwind of emotion, prayer and reflection.

After a sleepless night and upon relaying the severity of the accident to the owner of the company he worked for the next morning, his boss demanded that Jeff be at work within the hour. That was when his ah-ha moment hit him full force, realizing it was now or never to pursue a dream years in the making. Thankfully, Kali recovered fully. Her accident was a reminder to live life to the fullest, have the courage to take risks, and enjoy the journey. This life-altering event led Jeff to quit his job. In January 2006, he formed SCB Marketing, an innovative, multi- million-dollar marketing and publishing company that educates, inspires and elevates small to medium-sized businesses to higher levels of success throughout Florida, while sharing best practices.

Growing Florida Though Print and Digital Platforms

In a world of smartphones, tablets, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blogs; many marketers may spend 50 percent or more of resources on digital media efforts believing print is dead, as reported in the 2015 McKinsey Global Media Report. Yet, 70 percent of adults read one print magazine per month, according to the 2016 American Magazine Reader Study and Handbook. They read more, read longer and subscribe more often to print compared to digital platforms. Jeff has always understood this; thus, creating a demand where printed content successfully merges with digital. In 2016, combined audited readership for SCB Marketing’s publications averaged 100,000 readers per month and its growing Internet presence averaged 30,000 monthly impressions per publication.

Through authentic, collaborative and supportive storytelling, SCB Marketing focuses on celebrating, elevating and networking with entrepreneurs throughout Florida. Each medium offers companies and gives business leaders a voice connecting their unheard messages with fellow entrepreneurs and communities across the state. SCB Marketing puts you in the office with 40,000 influential C-Suite executives. The rest is up to you.

In 2011, SCB Marketing was named in the inaugural class of “Florida Companies to Watch” by GrowFL. In 2012, Inc. magazine ranked SCB Marketing on its annual Inc. 500|5000, an exclusive ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. Jeff firmly believes when businesses operate smarter and focus more on their values then the communities in which they conduct business will ultimately benefit through job creation, sustainable growth and profitability.

Today, SCB Marketing forges robust, sturdy paths where fellow businesses can walk together as a community. So, when your ah-ha moment hits, have the guts, spirit and courage to pursue your dream.