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Fitlife Foods

Fresh Made Easy

When eating healthy foods, consumers love the concept but are too busy to spend hours in the kitchen each week preparing balanced meals that taste great. That is where Fitlife Foods steps in and comes to the rescue. Fitlife Foods specializes in creating fresh, made-from-scratch prepared meals available for pick-up and delivery. With a goal of making customers feel healthier and more energetic, this company has taken Florida by storm.

Incorporating a constantly changing menu of all-natural, unique recipes using 39 original sauces and 13 different spice blends, Fitlife Foods customers never become bored with the food. These meals are healthy, but not the typical bland salad. Menu items include BBQ Beef with Mac ‘N Cheese, Surf & Turf and Chicken Pesto Tortellini. The best part? All that is necessary is to reheat the meals in a microwave and enjoy. Customers can pick up one meal on the go or stock up weekly with breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

There are numerous , diverse and different organizations out there. Fitlife Foods believes our company is unique. We help customers experience the energy needed to accomplish the goals and objectives they pursue in life.

Fitlife Foods offers in-house wellness coaches through its complimentary Project U program and helps consumers plan the first few weeks of a weight loss journey. Coaches meet with you to discuss personal goals, lifestyle and upcoming events, note flavor preferences, and create a plan uniquely tailored to you.

Encompassing 15 locations and growing, Fitlife Foods is quickly gaining a strong fanbase, and for good reasons.


The company’s founder and CEO, David Osterweil, had the entrepreneurial spirit and idea to create Fitlife Foods after experiencing a rough period in his life.

“In 2008, my daughter was born, and we experienced a legitimately challenging first year,” Osterweil said. “She encountered 10 different operations and procedures, and it was tough. To regroup and recharge ourselves, my wife and I visited a spa in Massachusetts a year later. Returning home, I realized eating healthy foods all week had reset my body and how I felt.”

This transformation inspired David. The University of Miami graduate and marathon runner left his job at a restaurant to start, build and grow Fitlife Foods. David used the entrepreneurial skills passed down to him from his father and grandfather; both started and sustained profitable and viable businesses in Florida. David’s mission was to bring healthy foods to consumers that revitalized the body and soul.


Fitlife Foods prides itself on its strong company culture. Family and co-workers are united in the mission and goals to provide quality products and services to its consumer base.

“At the end of the day, we hire individuals you would want to share a dinner with or grab a beer with,” Osterweil said. “You want a relationship where if stranded on a layover for six hours together, you will have a blast hanging out with your coworker.”

Embracing different roles from wellness coaches to culinary chefs, Fitlife Foods seeks employees that believe and exhibit its core vision and values. The most important of those is a desire to help others.

“We employ individuals who are wanting to help others,” Osterweil said. “There are numerous , diverse and different organizations out there. Fitlife Foods believes our company is unique. We help customers experience the energy needed to accomplish the goals and objectives they pursue in life.”


Recently, Fitlife Foods joined the ranks of Kroger and Taylor Made as a co-learning partner at the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI). Fitlife Foods is the first Florida-based company to join the organization.

LEI is a not for profit research, publishing and training organization. Its mission is to specialize in lean thinking and business practices which help businesses create increased value while consuming the fewest possible resources.


Fitlife Foods future goals include expanding locations, growing customer base and providing value. It will soon launch its franchise sales to expand nationwide.

Fitlife Foods current locations are here to stay. It has established itself as the opposite of a fad business. It claims reliable products, steadfast services, and a loyal customer base.

“You see companies like Blue Apron having a problem with customer retention because consumers try it once and then never come back,” Osterweil said. “We believe Fitlife Foods has taken the product and married it with people; that explains the phenomenal customer retention. Consumers are not just buying a quality product; each is receiving service.”

Most importantly, Fitlife Foods acknowledges its customers are loyal because the program works. The food is healthy, convenient and delicious; therefore, weight loss becomes easier.

“We have customers who have lost 40, 50 or 80 pounds, all dramatic weight transformations. Yet, the most important aspect and accomplishment of the program is no regression,” Osterweil said. “There are countless fad diets and medical procedures promoting weight loss. With most programs, individuals experience rapid weight loss and then gain it all back. Our consumers do not witness weight gain. Fitlife Foods wants you to eat the food and then enjoy life.”