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Florida Eye Associates and Artemis

A Lasting Partnership

Florida’s Space Coast, one of Florida’s fastest progressing economical areas, is the home to a tight-knit business community. County businesses aim to help each other grow, ultimately benefiting all parties involved. This type of partnership is visible between two well-known Brevard businesses, Florida Eye Associates and Artemis.

These two very different companies have teamed up for over ten years to provide premier services for Brevard residents. This relationship, built on mutual respect and support, has helped make both companies some of the most trusted names in the county.

Florida Eye Associates

Florida Eye Associates is Brevard County’s largest ophthalmology practice. The company was founded 50 years ago by Dr. William Broussard, who wanted to build a world class ophthalmology practice to meet expanding needs of the community. Through the years, the practice added subspecialty care in eye plastic surgery, retinal disease, glaucoma and corneal disease. Today, they have 12 physicians working in four locations with their own ambulatory surgery center.

“The physicians and staff here genuinely care about the patients we serve,” said Trish Barker, Chief Operating Officer for Florida Eye Associates. “Our services change lives. Being a part of the mission to protect and save sight is deeply gratifying, and at the end of even the toughest days, we know we contribute to serving our patients.”


Artemis has been serving Brevard County for over 20 years. They are a full service Information Technology (IT) provider, specifically to small and medium-sized businesses. Their team of trained professionals works closely with local businesses to best utilize technology for their organization. Artemis handles everything from computers and phone systems to cameras and data cabling.

“We’re a one-stop shop for companies not big enough to afford their own internal IT department,” said Ray Corriveau, Vice President of Business Development for Artemis.

As technology progresses, so does Artemis. They keep their clients up to date with the latest technology to remain ahead in a competitive business environment.

A Perfect Match

When Florida Eye Associates’ lone tech-savvy employee suddenly departed ten years ago, the company soon realized they had grown too large to manage their own IT services. That’s when Artemis stepped in to help.

“All of the knowledge about how things worked was suddenly gone. So, we were able to come in and assess the network. We figured out how to access the system and took it over in a very short period of time,” Corriveau said. “Now it is a stable, secure and compliant infrastructure.”

Since then, the relationship has steadily grown stronger. Florida Eye Associates has an Artemis employee on-site 40 hours a week to help with day to day operations.

Artemis provides full IT services for Florida Eye Associates including system design, monitoring, maintenance, backups and support for their practice management system, electronic health records (EHRs), mobile devices, imaging, email and telecommunications.

The two companies have grown together throughout their ten year partnership, adapting as new technology has come along.

“Artemis was with us as we made the difficult transition from paper medical records to EHR,” Barker said. “They provided invaluable advice on the selection of equipment and the location of access points. Additionally, they recommended building in redundancy for more reliable access.”

Artemis also helped Florida Eye Associates to switch much of their work and communications from paper and desktop computers to tablets and smartphones.

“They continually maintain the integrity of the network and ensure our system is in compliance with government-mandated security and privacy policies,” Barker said.

Artemis has done a lot for Florida Eye Associates and the practice by acting as model customers. According to Corriveau, Florida Eye Associates is serious about IT and recognizes the immense value it brings to their business.

“They know the importance of the IT infrastructure and how their business depends on it,” Corriveau said. “They are willing to make investments to keep up with the ongoing standards. They recognize the benefits of doing so with employee productivity, uptime and lower risk of getting hacked.”

Looking Toward the Future

Florida Eye Associates and Artemis have made large strides, but both companies know that in a constantly changing technological world there are always more advancements to be made.

Currently, Florida Eye Associates is in the process of building a new surgery center across the street from their headquarters and doubling the size of one of their satellites. Artemis has played a key role in IT design for those two locations.

“With the new surgical center, we are able to provide in-house data cabling,” Corriveau said.
Additionally, Artemis and Florida Eye Associates are working together to plan for future projects.

“As our IT expenditures grew, Artemis helped us develop a five year strategic plan for IT that mapped our direction and assigned a budget for capital investments along with planned replacement costs for all existing equipment,” Barker said.

One area of interest has been data security. Artemis has provided Florida Eye Associates with the proper tools to keep patient data safe, but is looking to continue keeping up to date with the safest techniques. In a quickly evolving world, it has grown even more necessary to protect systems from cyber threats.

Benefits of Brevard

These two well-known, Brevard County businesses are prime examples of the camaraderie between small-town businesses. Both businesses thrive in this environment and benefit from the strong bonds they have made.

“I’m from New Jersey, but I lived all over. I have talked to other business owners from other places, and we have all seen that everybody knows everybody in Brevard,” Corriveau said.

With a tight-knit business community, everyone seems connected to everyone. This is helpful when building business partnerships, like that of Florida Eye Associates and Artemis.

“Florida’s pro-business environment is attractive to businesses like ours,” Barker said. “And the quality of life is exceptional.”

Both Florida Eye Associates and Artemis have built strong brands in the area, with a very loyal customer following.

“Here, your reputation is everything,” Corriveau said. “We have established a great reputation, and we have worked hard to maintain it.”

With big plans for the future and some of the most elite staff groups in the county, both Florida Eye Associates and Artemis are on track to continue excelling in Brevard.