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Connecting World’s Through Web-Based Solutions

David Lamb, Founder and CEO of Invigicom, is no stranger to starting successful business ventures. Before Invigicom, he worked with a company in Mississippi to develop low-power, miniaturized wireless sensor systems for the Department of Defense and Department of Energy. The CEO suggested David and his team research and develop a product for industrial and commercial use. Not wanting to relocate from Apopka, Florida, David and his three business partners decided to start a business and founded Invigicom, Inc.

The Internet of Things

Invigicom focuses on developing, constructing and producing web-based solutions addressing and meeting the emerging needs, prerequisites and criteria of the next generation Internet. “Invigicom falls under ‘The Internet of Things’ which is an inter-network of physical devices embedded with electronics, sensors and software,” David explained. “It enables the accumulation, collection and exchange of data. The physical devices feature IP addresses allowing Internet connectivity and communication between network systems.”

“I am a real enthusiast about employers in the industry realizing the advantages of engaging with universities and understanding the importance of working with these types of incubators,” David said.

These universal wireless sensor systems are forecasted to surpass 50 billion by 2020. The nodes implement processing capabilities, collect sensory information and communicate with other connected nodes within a network.

Venturing into Liquid Logistics

“We decided to take our wireless sensor system expertise and apply it to liquid logistics which is the material-handling and transportation of moving liquid products through a supply chain,” David said.

Before entering the commercial world, the team had to develop a product which is easy to install and capable to use with remote monitoring. “We realized the current sensor systems commonly utilized were too complicated. Customers would not implement the sensors due to the time it took to install and ensure everything functioned properly,” said David. The team created a system requiring only one piece of hardware placed into liquid tanks and monitored through a web browser.

Collaborating with the UCF Business Incubation Program in 2013, Invigicom was invited to join the Business Incubation Program at the University of Central Florida, a program designed to help early-stage companies develop into financially stable, high-impact enterprises by providing resources and services that facilitate smarter, faster growth. Invigicom went through comprehensive strategical and tactical meetings that demonstrated scalable growth potential and potential pipelines.

“As a small company, we did not have enough employees that could invest extensive time into research and development pipelines,” David said. “The incubator became a support system that we could leverage for research, development and market input.” Within the year, Invigicom began developing, testing and selling products with local companies.

“I am a real enthusiast about employers in the industry realizing the advantages of engaging with universities and understanding the importance of working with these types of incubators,” David said.

No More Guesswork

Invigicom’s solutions utilize wireless, web-based and mobile-accessible platforms adaptable to a broad variety of applications. With billions of gallons of liquids transported, stored and used throughout the United States annually, Invigicom focuses on liquid logistics and waste oil management by answering the questions of where, when and how many gallons.

Invigicom’s main end-users are petroleum companies that deliver fuel or lube oil to garages, industrial sites and farmers. Using wireless, web-based sensor solutions, Invigicom provides cost effective monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This near real-time inventory management system integrates sensing communications and monitoring into an efficient, scalable system. It is easy to optimize operations because the system sends fluid level data to the Cloud where it can be observed remotely using any Internet- connected device. Customers know exactly which tanks to service and when in near real-time. It reduces costs, expands operational efficiency, increases gross margins and improves environmental management. Combined, these benefits provide enhanced business intelligence, improved security, decreased energy use and reduced pollution.

Easy to Use Products

The products are simple to use. For example, the InvigiSenseTM system takes minutes to install and begins providing data immediately to the user. All that is required is the hardware module to be screwed into a 2″ NPT standard port in the tank and the opening of a web browser to view the data.

Creating Turnkey Solutions 

A variety of industries including liquid logistics, transportation, utilities, waste oil management and even art security are connecting through the Internet to computers and mobile devices. Invigicom’s solutions are leading this movement and enabling users to view systems with wireless, web-based platforms. By delivering turn-key solutions, Invigicom offers local and national companies practicable, achievable and viable results.