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Solvability: A Winning Solution

In the Business of Doing

Simply defined, solvability means, “capable of being solved as a problem,” and that is exactly what Jenny Clark, CEO of Solvability, is in the business of doing. But rather than labeling challenges, hurdles and missing links as problems, Jenny sees them as opportunities for growth and advancement for small businesses – starting with winning federal contracts for the aerospace and defense industry.

Propelling Sustainable Systems

Past the startup stage of business development, these small companies have committed to the long haul and are ready to grow. These businesses focus on building upon past performance through subcontracts; establishing team relationships and joint ventures; getting listed on GSA schedules, SeaPortE and agency-wide agreements; and, investing in corporate processes and scalable systems. With an emphasis on competitive pricing and profitability, Solvability utilizes sustainable systems to help small businesses win federal contracts.

Alabama to Florida

Starting in Huntsville, Alabama, Jenny left a stress-filled corporate environment after realizing the time finally had come for a new challenge. “I knew there had to be a better way,” she said.
Jenny’s passion was in educating, training and teaching people. So, she sought small businesses in need of assistance. In a geographical region where federal contracting had a strong presence, there was no shortage of opportunities for Jenny to lend her expertise while providing aid with genuine enthusiasm and heart.

Jenny is passionate regarding her work in the field; it is evident in the enthusiasm with which she explains her profession and process. She is not only in the business of building relationships – although a self-proclaimed “super-connector” – she is in the business of helping people help themselves. The tools she provides for people are rich in lessons that can be referenced at any point in the business development processes from inception to end-product and client relations to viable growth and profit. With programs in place including the DCAA Quickbooks Compliance Self Study, PrimeFocus, Solvability Rate & Pricing Model and Hand to Hold; small businesses receive personalized comprehensive attention on a multitude of valuable focus points.

Best in the Long Run

Jenny considers these programs long-term training tools, which may prove to be less expensive for the client in the long run. She engages with people and stays current by creating content relevant to the client’s needs and growing their market.

“Federal contracting is a business, but with additional layers of regulations and bureaucracy,” Jenny said. “It is similar to a maze. To be able to tell them what pieces of the maze they need to worry about the most; which orders require immediate attention and concern; and, how to continue building, growing and moving up to the next level.”

As a small business grows, so does the realm of focus and responsibility for the owners and employees. Solvability’s top priority is to stabilize a structure and provide tools to help with their continuing growth.

Florida GovCon Podcast

Florida GovCon is a weekly podcast where businesses throughout Florida expect fresh and new content regarding trends, tactics and transitions. It supports the aerospace and defense communities by connecting industry leaders and helping veterans transition to civilian life.

GovCon Summit

Having spent over 30 years with federal contracting, Jenny’s expansive network allows her to bring together speakers and sponsors from a multitude of different areas leading to the creation of the GovCon Summit. This annual event allows Jenny to introduce, connect and unite clients and business partners creating a network of growing communities, based on Florida’s federal communities. The conference is not just government contractors, but military bases, veteran communities and service providers supporting the greater federal community.

Florida GovCon Summit focuses exclusively on small business strategies and actionable insights for the federal marketplace. The 2017 summit attracted more attendees from Florida, plus companies headquartered in other states with field offices in Florida. Panels and breakout topics included Technology Trends, Cyber 360, Pipeline to Execution, Entrepreneur Panel, Are You Ready to Prime and Co-opetition Collaboration.

As a valuable extension to the Solvability philosophy, Jenny’s “super-connector” abilities are showcased at this summit. “I provide clients with the information they need, the way they need to receive it and within the timeframe they need to understand it,” Jenny said. “That is my goal.”