Congress has made Florida an even better deal for you and your business.

Zero Percent Personal Income Tax

Consistently ranked one of the best states for business, Florida is committed to keeping regulatory requirements and business taxes low. That, along with a strong economy and zero personal state income tax, makes it a great place to do business. We won’t stand in the way of your success. We’ll pave the way for it.

Pro-Business Tax Structure

In Florida, taxes have been cut more than 80 times, saving taxpayers over $7.5 billion. Thousands of burdensome regulations have been eliminated. This means you can do business in a regulatory environment that welcomes business, encourages job creation and you can take advantage of the new tax law.

Join Us In Florida

• No state personal income tax.
• No corporate income tax on limited partnerships or S-corps.
• No sales and use tax on export goods manufactured in Florida.
• No sales tax on manufacturing machinery and equipment.
• The best regulatory climate in the country.

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