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Traction Florida

Introducing the Entrepreneurial Operating System

Entrepreneurialism flows throughout Chris White’s persona. The youngest of eight boys, White worked beside his brothers in the family’s two Chicago businesses; however, experiencing the economic wave of the 1970s and 1980s left White disinterested in the entrepreneurial lifestyle.
White’s childhood impression of entrepreneurialism reflected, “This life is way too hard. I do not want it long-term. I want a solid job with two weeks’ vacation and insurance.”

In the 1990s, White accepted a job with a Motorola distributor, moving from Chicago to Green Bay. He found success conducting multimillion dollar deals with companies such as Ford, Honda, GM, Harley Davidson and Kohler. Yet, boredom sank in as White approached his late thirties. Then his ah-ha moment presented itself.

Are you in control of your business, or is your business in control of you?” If your business controls you, Traction Florida can help.

“I had an epiphany. I was not creating and building a business as my parents and grandparents accomplished,” White said. “That was the moment I realized I wanted to be an entrepreneur.”

Building Successful Companies

Following his desire to build a company of his own, White partnered with a software engineer and forged a successful software company from the ground up. He developed the targeted markets and provided leadership for sales and marketing. After years of business development and hard-earned growth, the programming rights for the POS software program were sold for seven figures to a Fortune 500 company.

White then entered the medical industry with a custom EHR software program designed specifically for podiatrists. Focusing on the doctor’s needs, the software quickly became a dominant player within the industry. The EHR software program was purchased by a large medical distributor. White did not waste any time looking back on his accomplishments.

With his wife, White started a new company that provided an online education program for physicians wanting to be trained on Medicare-approved products and services. The company quickly filled an enormous gap in the medical industry.

Introducing the Entrepreneurial Operating System
White was introduced to the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) through the book Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman. During that time, White was asked to sit on a leadership team of a medical company who had hit a wall and could not break through it. He helped implement the EOS, scale the business and sell for a large multiplier.

At the end of the process, White became a Certified EOS Implementer. Adding 48,000 miles to his vehicle, White promoted the EOS across Florida, discovering a network of entrepreneurs existed from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando to Tampa to Jacksonville, and everywhere in-between.

“Spreading the word of EOS, I realized numerous entrepreneurs felt frustrated,” White said. “They had successfully grown startups to second-stage business but were now hitting a wall.”
White found his entrepreneurial calling, an opportunity to build a business. White established Traction Florida to teach entrepreneurs how to align and synchronize all facets of the business to increase revenue, growth and profit; while achieving a better balance of life.

“My passion centers on guiding business owners to take their good companies and making them great,” White said.

Shaping a Strong, Healthy,
Profitable Company
The EOS model applies to small, intermediate and large businesses within any industry that experiences personnel issues, lack of control, low profit, no growth or loss of direction. Using a set of timeless business principles and real- world tools, White guides businesses owners and senior leadership to develop six key components needed to operate a great business:

More than 2,900 companies operate an EOS globally. What separates Traction Florida from other EOS programs available on the market is its simplicity. Traction Florida uses an EOS Toolbox of 20 management tools that are easy to learn and use.

“The EOS program reduces complexity and increases effectiveness within an organization,” White said. “By limiting the number of tools, it is easier to train and enforce consistency.”

Ask this: “Are you in control of your business, or is your business in control of you?” If your business controls you, Traction Florida can help.

“By implementing practical and holistic tools, Traction Florida helps increase discipline and accountability within your organization,” White said.

Additionally, companies using EOS can track Key Performance Indicators (KPI) on a weekly basis to identify potential roadblocks early on before becoming major issues.

“Approximately every ten years, the economy takes a dip. The entrepreneurs that I have worked with, the ones who endured the economic downturns, survived because each has an operating system within the organization. These entrepreneurs keep a finger on the pulse of the business and are better prepared. The system delivers qualified and quantitative results.”

Implementing Program Tools

White is one of the 150 Professional and Certified EOS Implementers worldwide.
“An implementer is a teacher, facilitator and coach,” White said. “Florida Traction teaches the tools of the program, sets the context and facilitates discussion using leadership themes. It coaches clients how to build a strong and healthy team.”

Sponsoring GrowFL

White is a sponsor of GrowFL, helping second-stage companies achieve next level growth through strategic research, peer learning, and leadership development. White participates in speaking engagements at CEO forums, roundtables and workshops.

“Florida is a wonderful place to conduct business,” White said. “The community experiences a tremendously strong support network through universities, GrowFL and Governor Rick Scott. Interrelated, these entities promote business leaders to start here in Florida.”

Recognition by Governor Scott

In January of 2016, White’s client RADISE International was recognized by Governor Scott for creating 60 new jobs in Palm Beach County. A key contributor in RADISE’s creation of the high-paying, high-tech positions was an acquisition with Smart Structure. The acquired technology offers significant contributions to make Florida a leading state in Smart Cities initiatives. This expansion was a result of partnerships between Enterprise Florida, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, the Business Development Board of Palm Beach County. RADISE was recognized by GrowFL as a 2012 Florida Companies to Watch.

“I am very proud Governor Scott recognized my client,” White said. “I am honored to be among the entrepreneurial community within the state of Florida.”