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VetCor: Sustaining a Legacy of Service

Helping Solve Water and Mild Damage Challenges

Too often, the most dreaded part of calling a service provider is waiting hours for their arrival. With VetCor, a restoration company helping solve water and mold damage challenges in residential and commercial properties, that worry is flushed right down the drain with your water damage.


VetCor is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business that was founded on Veterans Day 2013 by David Howard, a retired army officer. Howard worked for a forensics engineering company in Tampa when he realized the lack of service companies within the area. As a personal commitment giving back to veterans, he created VetCor. He hired current CEO and President Paul Huszar as his first employee. In October 2014, Huszar bought the company and became the majority owner.


The company credits its business success to employing veterans of the United States Military who pride themselves on hard work, punctuality, dedication and military principles. VetCor established a core set of values that include statements such as integrity that is never compromised, responsibility and accountability for everything we do or fail to do and strive for 100 percent customer satisfaction.

“Our core values attract employees to become teammates at VetCor. These ideals exemplify what attracts customers to doing business with us over competitors,” Huszar said. “We tell you when we will arrive and we commit ourselves to that time. There is a sense of urgency, perseverance and mission accomplishment.”


When Huszar retired after 23 years of active military service including four combat tours in Iraq, one unaccompanied tour in Korea, and operational deployments to Thailand, Bolivia, Honduras, Panama and Haiti; he realized the difficulty of readjusting to the civilian world. The West Point and University of Washington graduate held a master’s degree in Civil Engineering and an impressive resume; yet, he struggled to land a job.

“I found many civilians, organizations and companies do not understand a veteran’s credentials, capabilities and competencies because society is rather disconnected from the military,” Huszar said.

Additionally, Huszar noticed the employment problems that veterans encountered in his last job with the Army. Today, his mission is creating civilian employment opportunities for veterans leaving public service.

“I was the director of training and leader development for the U.S. Army Engineer School in Missouri,” Huszar said. “We trained the army’s plumbers, electricians, firefighters, divers, truck drivers, and many other occupations. One of the challenges with military service is that the military trains workers at the engineering school then relocates them to different states. Unfortunately, these young military men and women with remarkable skills do not possess the corresponding civilian credentials because that resides at the state level.”


When searching for jobs after service, many veterans seek a work environment replicating the same camaraderie experienced in the military. VetCor offers that and more.

“I run this company similar to how I ran my battalion in Iraq,” Huszar said. “I care about you. I care about your family. I understand your value and worthiness to the team. My responsibility is to create opportunities at VetCor where you can develop, improve and grow your skills, abilities and knowledge. It is vital to always look out for each individual employee’s best interest.”

VetCor’s workforce represents all five branches of the United States Military, therefore enjoys good natured fun and friendly competition. Though employees come from different states and military branches, each shares the same principles, standards and values.

“VetCor is a company with a cause,” Huszar said. “Our mission is to deliver exceptional service to customers and unique value for corporate partners. In return, VetCor creates meaningful and sustainable employment opportunities and relationships for our nation’s heroes.”


The company has been selected as a preferred water mitigation contractor for seven major insurance companies and three contractor networks, while continuing to expand its geography, service offerings and industry partners. It provides 24/7 emergency services in Hernando, Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk and Manatee counties from its Tampa Bay regional office. Additionally, it services the Sarasota, Charlotte, Lee and Collier counties from its Gulf Coast regional office.

Its short-term plans include expanding operations into the southwest and southeast region of Florida by reinvesting in recruitment. VetCor’s long-term plans include nationwide franchising opportunities that allow veterans throughout the country to create jobs for other veterans.


In 2016, VetCor was awarded the Bright House Regional Business Award Startup of the Year and is a finalist for the Greater Tampa Chamber’s similar recognition. Its current prices beat the industry average by 25 percent and its technician services hold a 95 percent customer satisfaction rate. VetCor attributes its success to employing the most dedicated workforce possible – veterans.