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Why Florida? Ask ADT

Florida’s well-developed infrastructure, talented workforce and competitive tax climate are all attractive qualities for a business, and that’s why The ADT Corporation selected Boca Raton as its new corporate headquarters.

Securing a Profitable Future

ADT CEO Naren Gursahaney couldn’t be happier with the choice. “South Florida offers an excellent quality of life for our team members and their families,” he said. “That helps us attract top talent. We also like the proximity to three major airports, providing numerous flight options to help save time and money.”

Powerful Potential

Gursahaney credits the presence of other corporate headquarters and nearby universities with creating and sustaining a skilled and diverse workforce, which is the third largest in the U.S. at 9.7+ million strong. The campuses of Florida Atlantic University and Lynn University, both located within a few miles of ADT, offer advantages for both students and the company. ADT also works closely with Florida State University, the University of Florida and the University of Miami. “Stronger partnerships with the universities enable us to offer more internships and provide mentoring opportunities to help develop our leaders,” Gursahaney noted.

A trusted global brand, ADT is the largest provider of security systems in North America with nearly 6.4 million customers. In addition to its corporate offices, ADT also recently opened a new innovation lab in Boca Raton.

“ADT is focused on developing new ways for consumers to seamlessly integrate our products into their daily lives,” Gursahaney said. “With our renewed focus on innovation, including the hiring of a Chief Innovation Officer and increased investment in product and software development, we are excited about the new capabilities we can bring to our customers.”

[Our success] is the result of our work to create an economy with low taxes that allows innovators and job creators to succeed.

Florida Governor, Rick Scott

Flocking to Florida

ADT joins numbers of other corporations choosing Florida as their new home. Recently, Hertz relocated to
Naples and Cancer Treatment Centers of America chose to move from its Chicago-area location to Boca Raton. Also, Office Depot recently retained its global headquarters in Boca Raton after merging with Office Max.

Florida is already home to nearly 3,000 headquarters offices – a growing number that offers compelling evidence for doing business in the Sunshine State.

A Culture of Opportunity

Florida Governor Rick Scott attributes the state’s corporate appeal to its culture of opportunity: “It’s the result of our work to create an economy with low taxes that allows innovators and job creators to succeed.”

“Florida’s economy is strong and we have a pro-business climate,” says Florida Secretary of Commerce Bill Johnson. “The state’s strong workforce, top-ranked infrastructure and global access make it a very compelling option for businesses looking for their next location opportunity,” he said.

With 3,000 employees at more than 25 locations in the Sunshine State, ADT is proud to call Florida home. Gursahaney reflects that Florida was a “smart choice,” providing the resources for growth and innovation while controlling costs and keeping employees happy.