Why Florida?

Florida’s infrastructure supports more than 19.9 million residents and over 100 million tourists each year. From road to rail, to airports, seaports and spaceports, Florida will get your people, products and ideas to the world - fast.

Florida’s Infrastructure is one of the world’s most extensive multi-modal transportation systems, featuring international airports, deep-water shipping ports, extensive highway and rail networks and multiple hubs that allow for high-speed data transmission from around the U.S. to Europe, Latin America and Africa.

Florida's Infrastructure

Port of Miami Tunnel Project

Worldwide Connectivity: Florida is connected to the world in every possible way. From strong cultural and trade connections with Latin America to unmatched global reach via its modern ports and airports and its leadership in the budding space travel industry, Florida is a true global hub for business.

The state is also recognized as one of the top five telecom hubs in the world. The Network Access Point (NAP) in Miami serves as a major switching station for Internet traffic coming to and from Latin America, while other high-speed networks, such as the Florida Lambda Rail and LA Grid facilitate R&D efforts. In addition, Florida has some of the fastest and most widely available wireless networks.