Why Florida?

Tap into a talent pipeline that has the depth and breadth to fill a range of positions.

Florida’s talented and diverse workforce can exceed the expectations of even the most demanding employers. Not surprisingly, Florida’s talent pipeline is consistently ranked among the best in the nation. Much credit for the excellent skills of the Florida workforce can be given to the state’s excellent educational institutions and unique workforce training programs.

Labor Markets

As one of the largest states in the nation, Florida offers a large and talented pool of workers to employers. Florida’s labor force is also more affordable than other leading high-tech states, thanks to a favorable tax structure and lower business costs. In addition, Florida’s professionals are more culturally and linguistically diverse, providing additional competitive advantages to employers in the global marketplace.

Ranked 4th in the nation for high-tech employment by CompTIA, Florida boasts nearly 237,000 high-tech workers. The talent pool is also rich in workers with advanced degrees and those specializing in healthcare.

Florida is home to the nation’s 3rd largest workforce, totaling more than 10 million. For a detailed look at Florida’s talent base by industry, make sure to visit our Research and Data Center.


The state’s 12 public universities, 6 major medical schools, and numerous private colleges and universities work closely with the business community to build programs that reflect the needs of Florida’s industries.

Florida’s colleges and universities are among the nation’s top performers of research & development (R&D) and commercialization of technologies. In 2012, Florida universities performed more than $1.98 billion in sponsored research, working closely with industries to create cutting-edge technologies.

Florida is well equipped to meet the need for positions requiring Associate degrees, with a robust network of technical institutions, community and state colleges, and hundreds of campuses across the state.

Workforce Training

Florida’s customized training programs and incentives help companies become operational and profitable in less time and with lower costs. CareerSource Florida, the state’s innovative partnership for workforce training, provides programs such as Quick Response Training and Incumbent Worker Training to help existing and new companies recruit, train and maintain cutting-edge skills and keep pace with new technologies.

Powered by the Florida Department of Education, Get There Florida connects Floridians with local colleges to help them get to work faster and build on the state’s highly-skilled workforce.

To find highly-skilled candidates for your company, please visit Employ Florida.